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“If there is one center that does an absolute phenomenal job on [Disability Disaster Access & Resources Presentations], it is ILRSCC – Independent Living Resources of Solano and Contra Costa Counties. Ron Halog is a machine. He knows every single person I know in Solano and Contra Costa Counties, which are my local local communities. Every community partner here knows about the DDAR program, because Ron has called them, he has introduced himself, he has done trainings, he has done in-services – both in-person and remotely. He is amazing!”

-Christina Mills
Executive Director, California Foundation for Independent Living Centers (CFILC)

We love serving our consumers. See how we have helped a few of our consumers in Solano & Contra Counties.

I depend on a medical device nightly when I sleep to ensure I breath normally and maintain sufficient oxygen levels to prevent possible brain damage and death. On January 1, of 2023, the community in which I live had a power outage that lasted 15.5 hours, including overnight. I was terrified what might happen as I slept, unprotected.

Shortly thereafter, I heard about, and applied for, a portable power supply. I received a YETI 3000X Portable Power Station through a PG&E-sponsored program administered by the ILRSCC. It has provided me a great sense of safety and well-being in case the power goes out for an extended time. For perspective, the unit has a Lithium-ion battery (doesn’t lose storage capacity) with the storage capacity to run virtually any electrical item from an 11w LED light (276 hrs) to a refrigerator (55 hrs), or a 42″ TV (30 hrs). There is a larger unit available for people with greater need. The ILRSCC provides wonderful support.

I highly recommend everyone who has a medical need to ensure continued electricity supply, to apply for a Portable Power Station As Soon As Possible. You will not regret it.”

-BT, ILRSCC Consumer

“My wife and caregiver just finished charging the YETI battery that PG&E supplied for me to use when the power goes out. This was ‘super easy’! Our thanks to Ron for reminding us to keep this battery charged at 100%. We also did a firmware update. We used the battery one month ago when the power went out in Rio Vista. I can’t believe how much this battery helped me release stress in knowing I now had great backup power for medical equipment. We didn’t have to use the YETI for very long, but the assurance in having consistent power is an ‘electric security blanket’ for us. I personally appreciate having this important source of emergency backup power for medical equipment.

-TC, ILRSCC Consumer

“I received my Backup Power System and in 2 days we had our first Power outage.
My CPAP quit. Quite a scare. All I had to do was simply plug in my CPAP machine into my new Backup System. Problem solved. CPAP worked flawless. My Power again went our for about 6 hours during the day. Nothing in the house had Power. I rolled the Backup System into the front room and was able to Power up my Cable, TV, Internet and my WIFI modem. This allowed is to regain full communication and ran my CPAP later that evening. I highly recommend this service.
Thank You Ron
You and PG&E have helped me.

-CC, ILRSCC Consumer

“My hubby and myself are loving the batteries. We’ve had some outages here in Bethel Island during the last few storms. We have CPAPS. They came in very handy! We woke up not breathing so we hooked up to our batteries and they saved us from not breathing all night. They’re wonderful. We were able to hook up both to one battery and we used the other for our heat from our pellet stove so we could stay warm. It worked great. I don’t know how we lived without them before except that we had to stay up at night until the electricity came back on so we could go back to sleep. We can’t sleep and not breathe. And it gets quite cold in our house. Thank you again for all of your support and the batteries 🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️❤️

-JP, ILRSCC Consumer

“I’m a 100% disabled Vet. In my two tours of Vietnam as a Navy Corpsman assigned to Marine combat units, I acquired several problems with Agent Orange etc. A nasty product for sure, it caused a lot of damage including chronic COPD & Kidney disease among others. The need for electric powered CPAP devices every night and the eventual need for home dialysis has given me serious concern for some time! Point is, I simply can’t get by without power! We have considered Solar with battery backup, home generators, etc. Hard to justify costs exceeding $25K for fully loaded systems! We may have no choice but to pursue this option before the April increases, but meanwhile my battery pack does a great job powering my emergency equipment during the frequent power outages in Rio Vista. Bad weather this year we’ve all dealt with have made power outages even more frequent! Thanks again for the support from you & PG&E!

-JF, ILRSCC Consumer

First, I would like to commend Ron Halog and Independent Living Resources for their excellent customer service. They address all possible questions even before the battery is delivered by providing detailed information by email along with an easy to follow and very well done video demonstration that can be viewed either on their website, within the actual email or on YouTube. Ron is professional, polite and thoughtful when setting up a convenient appointment, delivering and offering different options for an in-person demonstration. He helped me to select a convenient location for the battery and made himself available should I have any questions in the future. The product is well made and could be a life saver for my husband should our power go out for any extended period of time. Ron was personally recommended by a neighbor and good friend, and has a reputation of having integrity and reliability. Now that I have met him and had such a positive experience, I too recommend him, his company and products.”

-MD, ILRSCC Consumer

“Following a recent twenty four hour power outage in my home I wanted to thank you and your support program at ILRSCC for the access to back up energy resources.
I am also very grateful for the continued outreach, education, and guidance you provide but most especially for the genuine compassion and kindness you share with your clients.

As a widowed senior person managing a chronic life altering illness I have always been concerned with the looming power outages and the potential need to evacuate or seek shelter elsewhere (which would be a major difficulty for me).
Due to my condition it would be almost impossible to make use of public external supports in a crisis, so I have always tried to be as prepared as possible.

The recent power outage proved to me the immense value of your program beyond a doubt.
The YETI 3000 loan has permitted me to remain in my own space while receiving medical treatment to manage my illness. Additionally it is very soothing to know I can keep my power chair charged in case I absolutely have to evacuate.
This system allows me to remain independent, safe, and basically comfortable while balancing the unpredictable daily trials of my illness during a power outage.

Again, I cannot thank you enough for the support and the peace of mind I am receiving.

I wish you all well and hope that your program can continue to touch many other persons with disabilities.”

-TY, ILRSCC Consumer

“We want to thank Independent Living Resources and especially Ron for providing the portable backup battery for my husband’s medica needs in the event of power outages. The online application was straight forward and we were kept updated throughout the process. Knowing we now have life sustaining battery backup support puts our minds at east.

Thank you again for your amazing support.”

-AV, ILRSCC Consumer

“I want to say thank you for the battery! It has really helped me out with all the power outages lately. The peace of mind I have when I go to sleep knowing that my BiPAP and other medical devices will work even if there’s another power outage, can’t be put into words. I truly appreciate it”

-DM, ILRSCC Consumer

“Before having the battery backup I worried about power blackout and if I was going to be able to use my CPAP. It is a lifesaving device. I also considered that we would have to go stay with someone or in a hotel during a power outage. This last weekend our power was out 12+hours. I was able to sleep worry free. If we needed heat from our portable heater, thank God for the power front the battery backup that can be used. I’m very grateful to Ron and ILRSC and PG&E for providing this assistance.”

-PP, ILRSCC Consumer

“Just wanted to let you know I’ve been using the battery all week to run my CPAP machine and it’s working great. After a week of using it, it’s only down to about 50% of the battery. I appreciate you taking the time and helping me with the program and the new policies. It’s a relief knowing that if there is an extended outage overnight that I won’t have to worry.”

-C, ILRSCC Consumer

“I wanted to share a story with you about how useful the battery for my CPAP machine is for our home, that I received from ILRSCC.

My 89 year old mom lives with us and yesterday morning she was reclined in her motorized recliner. The power went out to our home and she was stuck in her chair. My son carried the generator (battery) downstairs and I hooked up the chair to generator and was able to get her out of the chair safely. I don’t know what I would have done without the generator.

Thank you and ILRSCC for all you do.”

-ILRSCC Consumer

“I just wanted to express our deepest thanks for bringing us the extra batteries.  We’ve already had three power outages. This last one lasted almost ten hours.  We were able to get though it so well only because we had the extra batteries to run all of my daughter’s equipment.”

-EP, ILRSCC Consumer

“The individualized support provided by the back up battery system by PG&E/MCE through the ILRSCC program has given me great peace of mind in the event of Planned Power Outages or potential emergency power shut off. This system allows me to manage my chronic health issues within my own home with dignity and independence. The battery back up affords me the ability to maintain my daily treatment protocol for my chronic illness which requires electricity to operate. I will not need to relocate in the event of a power outage, which would also be a major challenge with my condition. I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in this support network. Working with Ron Halog has been very comfortable and informative especially the video on the website explaining how the unit functions.
Thank you for this wonderful community service.”

-AT, ILRSCC Consumer

“I got some great takeaway tips and recommendations. Thank you for an excellent presentation!”

-ILRSCC Consumer

“Great and energetic training! Lots of great information and good homework in order to be prepared.”

-ILRSCC Consumer

“Thank you for being so helpful in securing my mother’s CPAP use during power outages. I have been shocked with the number of power outages that we have experienced since moving from one end of Moraga to the other. Our solution to power loss, was to house my mother at my sister’s home in Lafayette or my brother in San Ramon. Both options being hard on my mother and he live in taxi service.

Since the placement of the battery in our home we have not had the need to use it, but the peace of mind it provides for her and us is immeasurable. In a test run of our battery, we plugged in a small light for her to use in the event she needed to use the bathroom. I had not thought of this benefit initially, but after our “dry run” it is obvious that it heightens her safety.”

-DO, ILRSCC Consumer

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