Independent Living Resources FAQ

Question: Who is eligible for our services?
Answer: An individual with a disability who is seeking services to support his/her goal of living independently in the community.

Question: Are there any cost or fees for our services?
Answer: Services are free and are provided regardless of race, religion, income, age, gender or type of disability.

Question: How can I get services?
Answer: ILR staff are accessible by phone, TTY, email and can be met in person, by appointment, in our offices. Click here to view our contact information.

Question: How is ILR funded?
Answer: ILR is funded through state, federal funds, charitable donations from corporate sponsors and kind individuals. To make a donation please click here.

Question: How can I volunteer?
Answer: Volunteering at ILR can be a gratifying experience and ILR is always seeking volunteers in many capacities. Click here for more information.

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